Matthew Pocci, the deaf driver who drove through an intersection during Comic-Con Zombie Walk last year and hit and seriously injured a 64-year-old woman, will stand trial in San Diego to face the charge of “reckless driving causing great bodily injury.” If convicted of the felony, Pocci faces three years in state prison.

He will next appear in court on June 24th. The move to trial was established after a preliminary hearing that took place earlier this month, according to City News Service whose reporter attended the hearing. Pocci was charged in March with one count of reckless driving with injury and one count of personal infliction of great bodily injury by the San Diego District Attorney’s office.

One of those testifying in the preliminary hearing, according to CNS, was an off-duty sheriff’s deputy who said he heard Pocci honking his horn and tried to get him to stop driving forward. He also testified what could also be seen in video taken at the time of the incident which Deadline posted at the time – that someone sat on the hood of the car while another started hitting his front windshield. At that time, Pocci drove through the crowd. On the video Deadline posted soon after the incident, you can also see someone trying to open the back door of the car, which Pocci also testified to. At the time that it occurred on July 26 of last year, police told Deadline that the windshield had been “smashed.”

Defense attorney Ashby Sorensen said Pocci was “scared and frightened” when people in the crowd surrounded his car and so tried protect himself, his girlfriend, her sister and his girlfriend’s 9-year-old son in the car. The District Attorney said that the driver waited 10 minutes, got impatient and decided to force his way through the crowd.

Pocci then stayed at the scene and cooperated with police.  He was not detained at that time and was charged eight months later.