The President is leaving the Free State. Three weeks after Veep scored millions in tax incentives from the Golden State as a Relocating TV Series, HBO has made it official – the Julia Louis-Dreyfus show is leaving Maryland and coming out West.

“After four years and a long deliberation we have decided to move the production of Veep to Los Angeles,” an HBO spokesperson said today. “Maryland has been home to many vital HBO projects, from The Corner to The Wire to Game Change, and the support has always been extraordinary. The producers and HBO would like to thank Maryland for making the last four seasons of Veep such a success. We look forward to returning with another production in the future.”

The Emmy-winning political satire was awarded $6.5 million in tax credits by the Californian Film ca-film-commission-logo-1Commission earlier this month in the first phase of the new $330 million program. Signed into law last September by Gov. Jerry Brown, the greatly expanded incentives are designed to bring production and jobs back to Hollywood. While it seemed a done deal that Veep, which ended its fourth season on June 14, would move to L.A. for its fifth season when it got the Cali credits, there was still a chance for Maryland to try to sweeten the pot to get them to stay as the state did with House of Cards in 2014. That didn’t happen for Veep. On the other hand, the Netflix series stayed in the state for its third season and its currently filming fourth season.

Overall, Veep snagged about $13.9 million in tax credits from Maryland over its first three seasons, according to the state’s film office. The four seasons of production hired over 3,000 state residents and is estimated to have had an economic impact of $114 million, says the Baltimore Film Office. That’s all coming to Cali now and Louis-Dreyfus gets to go home at the end of the day. Very Madam President.