It has been almost a half century since 1969’s classic comedy Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice took sexuality in movies to a new level. That film, about two suburban couples who experimented with new sexual freedom clearly has inspired writer/director Patrick Brice whose new comedy, The Overnighthas much in common with what Paul Mazursky wrought way back when. But as I say in my video review above, make no mistake, 46 years is a long time and Brice is able to show more, say more and do more than Bob and Carol ever dreamed.

Still, despite the free-swinging nudity, language and sex scenes, The Overnight is still dealing with the same issues of sexual identity and insecurity, morality, marriage and relationships just like its Oscar-nominated predecessor did so well in ’69. And both these movies end up in the bedroom with surprising results.

You might even call this film Alex & pete hammond review badgeEmily & Kurt & Charlotte, as straight-laced parents Alex (Adam Scott, late of Parks And Recreation) and Emily (Orange Is The New Black’s Taylor Schilling) take their young son RJ on an outing to the park where they happen to meet Kurt (Jason Schwarztman) and Charlotte (Judith Godreche) and their young son, Max. This leads to a dinner invite for the family to visit the ritzy mansion of Kurt and Charlotte. What starts off innocently enough gets very interesting at the half way point when the kids have dozed off and sent upstairs, while the adults take the night to new extremes, beginning when Kurt lures their shy new friends into the pool for some skinny dipping. Initially Alex and Emily keep the underwear on, but eventually as the evening goes on it all comes off and everything about these couples is revealed, both physically and psychologically.

Scott and Schwartzman have made much in interviews about the fact that they wear prosthetic devices over their private parts, proving not all men are created equal. That’s one of the many points this movie dwells on in exploring how uptight we can be when it comes to issues of sexuality and body comfort levels. In just a breezy 80-minute running time, Brice makes a lot pungent points along the way, and is blessed to have an exceptional cast at the top of their game(s). Discerning adult audiences looking for an adventurous grown-up comedy should pack it in for The Overnight. 

Scott is an executive producer with indie movie king Mark Duplass for this Duplass Brothers  and Gettin’ Rad production picked up for distribution by The Orchard at the Sundance Film Festival and being released in select cities Friday. Scott’s wife, Naomi Scott was the producer.

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