Is there anything cuter than little kids and puppies? Well, you’ll be forced to rethink that judging by the new broadcast drama offerings whispersthis summer. Launching tonight — on International Children’s Day, no less — is ABC’s horror-themed The Whispers, in which young children are manipulated by a paranormal force into killing their parents. And if the kids don’t get them, the parents might fall victims to the family pets. Premiering on the last day of June is CBS’ thriller Zoo, based on James Patterson’s novel, in which a strange force triggers a wave of violent animal attacks. “We really want the whole world to fear their schnauzers,” executive producer Scott Rosenberg said at CBS’ recent summer preview event.

zoo_wild_promo_549175_1296_1280x720_436053059923_549223_640x360Fear always has been a summer movie staple with monster and horror franchises, like Jurassic Park — about dinosaurs brought back to life to terrorize children — which is returning with a new installment this month. But the networks seem to have ramped up that quotient with their new 2015 summer series. In addition to Whispers and Zoo, we have USA’s brooding hacker drama Mr. Robot, about the dangers lurking online, and HBO’s Westworld remake, about creepy things happening at one of the favorite summer hangout places — an amusement park.

Almost makes you feel nostalgic for Fox reality staple When Animals Attack! where a bruised ego often was the biggest victim.