“Every day across that border, people are killed with his blessing. To find him would be like discovering a vaccine.” The disease is drug cartel violence in Mexico. The cure is Emily Blunt — or is it? Here’s the first trailer for Lionsgate’s Sicario, Denis Villenueve’s white-knuckle thriller that wowed Cannes in May. Blunt plays Kate, an FBI agent who “specializes in responding to escalating cartel activity.” Recruited by an elite U.S. government task force official (Josh Brolin), Kate assumes she’s being deployed to El Paso but finds herself on the other side of the fence — and quickly gets in too deep. She’s working with Alejandro (Benecio Del Toro), a shady-ish consultant who shows the new recruit the ugliest side of the war on drugs. “Nothing will make sense to your American ears,” he says. “In the end, you will understand.”

Produced by Thunder Road Pictures and Black Label Media, Sicario — “hitman” in Mexico — is Villenueve’s follow-up to 2013’s Enemy and prelude to the Blade Runner sequel. It’s the first script from actor Taylor Sheridan and co-stars Victor Garber and Jon Bernthal. Basil Iwanyk, Edward L. McDonnell, Molly Smith, Thad Luckinbill and Trent Luckinbill are the producers. The body count starts September 18. Will you get in on this drug war, or will you just say no?