Shrader House is moving forward as a feature film, with Warren Zide (Final Destination) signed on to produce with Columbia/Sony hip hop recording artist, writer-producer Gerald “Bam” Whaley, and The Wire‘s Andre Royo attached to star.

Shrader House was initially planned as a TV series in 2013, but it underwent a re-write after Zide determined it should be developed into a feature film. The drama genre feature is now in pre-production, moving full steam ahead and actively casting, with an eye on a late 2016 theatrical release.

Set in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, New York, Shrader House shadows young Troy Daniels as he is being released, on probation, from a New York juvenile correctional facility to live in a corrupt group home called Shrader House. Troy is forced to battle between false rehabilitation or returning to his former gang life. He is just one of the many juvenile offenders who get stuck between the life they have always known and the path they are told will lead them towards a better future. The film follows their social and internal struggles, their teachers, counselors, and the government officials who each hold various perspectives regarding these teens.

“It has been an incredible journey so far and I am proud with the project we now have in place.” said Whaley. “Working in the Juvenile Justice System for many many years I saw the corruption that takes place inside the system. I felt that with my talents as a writer I should use it to expose the untold stories most are afraid to make public. This film is full of real life drama and shows the difficult challenges our misguided youth face behind the walls of the American system.”

“We have to be better role models, create better imagery for the kids to see that there is a better choice that you just don’t have prison or not.” added Royo, who will play Councilman Reginald Scott.

Line producer Betsy Friedman (American Gangster) and actor Jaime Zevallos (Me You And Five Bucks) have also signed on to the project.