The President of the United States called today’s ruling by the Supreme Court overturning same-sex marriage bans a “victory for America” and said “we’ve made our union a little more perfect.” Barack Obama’s remarks live in front of the cameras in the Rose Garden of the White House came after obama ssm statementgoing live in another way. The President called one of the lead plaintiffs Jim Obergefell to congratulate him on the 5-4 opinion by the SCOTUS that makes SSM legal across the nation.“Your leadership on this change the county,” Obama told Obergefell, who was standing in front of the High Court building talking to CNN. “I’m really proud of you,” the President told a visibly moved Obergefel. “That means an incredible amount to me and thank you,” the Ohio widower replied after he praised Obama’s support for the LGBT community. Obergefell put his cell on speaker when he got the call from the White House, which meant it could be heard by everyone including the microphones of cable news. Obergefell told CNN afterwards that he had discussed the case recently with the President at a Pride event and had received words of support from him then too.

This is the second time Obama has made such a call on LGBT rights wins at the Supreme Court. Back on June 26, 2013, POTUS called the plaintiffs to overturn California’s Proposition 8 measure, The SCOTUS struck down that and the federal Defense of Marriage Act. Today’s opinion by the Supreme Court makes the U.S. the 21st country around the world where same-sex marriage is legal.