EXCLUSIVE: When Jenji Kohan wanted a new sound for her Showtime series Weeds, she went out of the box. How far did she go? So far that settled on the kids’ music she heard everyday in her car.

“Jenji first discovered us through a children’s band that we do called Gwendolyn and the Good Time Gang,” Brandon Jay explains, who was hired by Kohan again as a co-composer on her Netflix series Orange Is The New Black. In this featurette, we get a look into how Jay, along with fellow composers Gwendolyn Sanford and Scott Doherty, work together to identify the sound and voice for the femme prison comedy.

“It’s band driven but it’s instrumental,” explains Sanford on the series’ sound.

Particularly intriguing is how the development of the characters and the score run parallel. “We’re still in the throes of who these people are and what their stories are, so it’s unfolding” Sanford says.

“The characters’ stories are evolving more now so their sound and their themes are starting to change” adds Doherty.