People increasingly watch Netflix via mobile apps, and on their TVs. But the company decided to show some love today to those who watch its programming on their computers: It unveiled the first major update to its website in four years — one that no longer depends as much on its slow carousels.

It’s been “built from the ground up to make it faster and easier to discover something great to watch for our millions of members around the world,” the company says in a blog post. It will take up to two weeks before the change reaches everybody, and “a small number of members” will have to upgrade their browsers to take advantage of it.

The company says the new site design “works more like an app and less like a series of linked web pages.” For example: “When you hover your mouse over a title, you will now see a slideshow of images from that movie or show” that should “give you a better feel for what the show is about than reading the description alone.”

If you click on the title or synopsis of a show you’ll see details inline, so you can browse and still read info and reviews. It also will be easier to jump to alternatives with “the same cast, genre or mood.”

Netflix tipped its plan to change the website in May.

Netflix shares are down 1.3% in afternoon trading after e-retailer Alibaba announced this weekend that it’s making deals with studios for a Netflix-like streaming service in China.