Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly has landed another exclusive controversial interview – this one with Traci Johnson, who survived an attempted beheading at the Oklahoma food-processing plant where she worked.

The sit-down, airing Wednesday on The Kelly File, marks Johnson’s first national television interview since she the kelly file logo 2015survived an attack by Alton Nolen, who beheaded one of her co-workers before stabbing her. The police affidavit said Nolen was suspended from Vaughan Foods in Moore, OK, after Johnson filed a complaint about his not liking white people, according to news reports at the time. Johnson’s life was saved when Nolen was shot by Mark Vaughan, the company’s COO who also is a reserve county deputy.

At the time of the September incident, the Washington Post reported that Nolen was charged with first-degree murder and assault and could face the death penalty. But the gruesome nature of the attack, and Nolen’s fairly recent conversion to Islam in particular, attracted a lot of attention to the case, including a debate as to what to call it, the newspaper noted. Local police department enlisted the FBI’s help investigating because of the suspect’s recent proselytizing efforts, but the FBI treated the case as workplace violence, while some protested it should be labeled a terrorist act.

Kelly will speak with Johnson about Nolen’s behavior before the attack, how the FBI handled this case and whether she thinks he was motivated by racism or terrorism – an issue FNC says still has not been decided by law enforcement.