The Sundance Film Festival’s two top U.S. competition winners launched their theatrical runs this weekend, with documentary winner The Wolfpack boasting a robust per-theater-average among specialty newcomers, the second-highest for a non-fiction movie in 2015. Sundance’s U.S. dramatic grand jury prize and audience winner Me And Earl And The Dying Girl opened over a dozen runs this Jurassic World weekend, with slighter PTAs than Wolfpack. And The Orchard bowed the third theatrical installment of The Yes Men in 10 theaters.

The WolfpackMagnolia’s The Wolfpack lead the, well, pack this weekend with the second-highest PTA, behind gargantuan Jurassic World‘s $47,870. Directed by Crystal Moselle,  the doc grossed $46K in two New York theaters, averaging $23K. Wolfpack‘s debut was outflanked this year only by HBO Documentary’s Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck, which had a $35,685 PTA from its initial Friday-Saturday screenings in three theaters when it opened in late April. Montage Of Heck, however, only remained in theaters for about a week before its HBO premiere.

With a longer potential theatrical lifespan, The Wolfpack has a great shot at becoming the year’s highest-grossing documentary. In comparison, the feature opened slightly better than The Orchard’s Dior And I, which opened in April with a $22,886 PTA from two locations. Dior And I has now cumed over $965K.

“Already one of the most written-about films of the year, The Wolfpack‘s strong opening further propels the story of the amazing Angulo brothers into the national eye as it expands [June 19] into 20 additional markets,” Magnolia said today. The Wolfpack sold out shows in two Manhattan locations, the Sunshine and the Film Society of Lincoln Center, outpacing the PTA for fellow Sundance winner Me And Earl And The Dying Girl in the city.

Fox Searchlight opened Me And Earl And The Dying Girl in 15 theaters in New York, L.A., Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto and Washington, D.C. grossing $210K for a $14K PTA. The title increased 10% Friday to Saturday. Searchlight’s Frank Rodriguez said today, “We are happy to have launched the picture amid the terrific reviews and great audience response.” Searchlight plans to add 10 markets next weekend, while expanding in current locales. It will be in 60-70 theaters by June 19.

The Yes Men Are RevoltingThe Orchard opened The Yes Men Are Revolting, the third installment by the comedy/activist duo Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno. The feature grossed $15,544, averaging $1,544 in 10 cinemas, although this was a day-and-date theatrical/VOD release, and The Orchard said the title grossed an estimated $45K on-demand and reached the top 15 on iTunes’ documentary charts. The Orchard said today the feature had “multiple sellouts” at New York’s IFC Center, buoyed by a Skype Q&A with Julian Assange and “support from Michael Moore.” More than $7K of its weekend gross came from the Greenwich Village theater.

United Artists opened the first Yes Men in September, 2004 grossing $24,373 in three theaters, averaging $8,124 ($255,364 cume), while Shadow Distribution opened The Yes Men Fix The World in late September 2009 averaging just $621 in 2 theaters. It went on to cume $194,533.

The Orchard will expand The Yes Men Are Revolting to over 20 locations next week including L.A., Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Chicago, Phoenix, Detroit, Dallas and Atlanta.

love & mercy posterLove & Mercy made it to the overall Box Office Top 10 in its second weekend. Roadside/Lionsgate added 90 theaters for the second frame, grossing more than $1.76M, averaging a respectable $3,082. The feature about Beach Boys frontman Brian Wilson, starring John Cusack, Elizabeth Banks, Paul Dano and Paul Giamatti, grossed over $2.22M its first weekend in 483 theaters ($4,601 PTA). Its two-week cume is more than $4.77M.

Bleecker Street’s I’ll See You In My Dreams remained vivid as it expanded in its 5th weekend. The feature grossed just under $800K in 246 theaters (81 more than last weekend), averaging $3,250. Dreams is approaching the $3M threshold.

A24’s Ex Machina tallied another $213K ($1,100 PTA) in its 10th weekend. It’s expected to cross $25M this week. And Sony Classics’ Wild Tales crossed $3M in its 17th weekend — currently the longest-running specialty title reporting weekly numbers. The feature grossed a still-respectable $25,867 in 24 theaters Friday to Sunday, for a $1,078 PTA.


Me And Earl And The Dying Girl (Fox Searchlight) NEW [15 Theaters] Weekend $210K, Average $14K
The Wolfpack (Magnolia Pictures) NEW [2 Theaters] Weekend $46K, Average $23K
The Yes Men Are Revolting (The Orchard) NEW [10 Theaters] Weekend $15,544, Average $1,544; VOD estimate $45K


Love & Mercy (Roadside/Lionsgate) Week 2  [573 Theaters] Weekend $1,765,720, Average $3,082, Cume $4,774,331
Testament Of Youth (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 2 [16 Theaters] Weekend $109,509, Average $6,844, Cume $186,820


Heaven Knows What (RADiUS) Week 3 [14 Theaters] Weekend $12,717, Average $908, Cume $50,131
The Farewell Party (Samuel Goldwyn Films) Week 4 [13 Theaters] Weekend $33,800, Average $2,600, Cume $68,903
i'll see you in my dreamsWhen Marnie Was There (GKIDS) Week 4 [55 Theaters] Weekend $80,337, Average $1,460, Cume $311,592

I’ll See You In My Dreams (Bleecker Street) Week 5 [246 Theaters] Weekend $799,737, Average $3,250, Cume $2,952,299

The Apu Trilody (Janus Films) Week 6 [5 Theaters] Weekend $27,996, Average $5,599, Cume $251,174
Saint Laurent, (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 6 [24 Theaters] Weekend $16,004, Average $667, Cume $365,359
Far From The Madding Crowd (Fox Searchlight) Week 6 [366 Theaters] Weekend $435K, Average $1,189, Cume $10,752,678
Félix And Meira (Oscilloscope) Week 9 [7 Theaters] Weekend $6K, Average $857, Cume $427,503
Dior And I (The Orchard) Week 10 [14 Theaters] Weekend $15,441, Average $1,103 Cume $980,686
Ex Machina (A24) Week 10 [194 Theaters] Weekend $213,400, Average $1,100, Cume $24,706,315
Woman In Gold (The Weinstein Company) Week 11 [198 Theaters] Weekend $184K, Average $929, Cume $32,241,733
Salt Of The Earth (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 12 [25 Theaters] Weekend $19,403, Average $775, Cume $1,247,829
It Follows (RADiUS/Dimension) Week 14 [14 Theaters] Weekend $2,681, Average $179, Cume $14.67M
The Hunting Ground (RADiUS) Week 16 [2 Theaters] Weekend $1,256, Average $628, Cume $387,832
Wild Tales (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 17 [24 Theaters] Weekend $25,867, Average $1,078, Cume $3,027,986