Comedy Central’s Larry Wilmore joined in on all the Don Lemon social media fun last night.

CNN’s Don Lemon is under fire for holding up a sign with the N word on it. Hey Don! I know a better N word you should focus on: News,” Wilmore said at the top of his late-night show. accusing Lemon of going “literal race card.”

Wilmore gave a shout-out to the CNN prop department for having the sign at the ready. “You want to see what really offends me?” Wilmore then said, holding up his own sign.

Then, this:

About 24 hours earlier, CNN’s Lemon had kicked off the program CNN Tonight by holding up a Confederate flag and asking viewers if it offended them, then holding up a sign on which was printed, in letters about half a foot tall, the racial slur used by Obama in a podcast discussion that morning about racial prejudice.

“Does this offend you? This word?” Lemon asked rhetorically.  Faster than you can say “#donlemonreporting” Lemon was trending.

Wilmore was picking up where Donna Brazile left off. Brazile,  a longtime CNN contributor, dinged the CNN on-air talent and his network after Lemon ran amok on the network over Obama’s use of the slur.

“I’m glad [Obama] tried to make a point. Many people – it went past them. They didn’t understand; they focused on the word and not the meaning and that’s part of the problem,” Brazile said, like she meant it to sting, on Wolf Blitzer’s show.

Twitter had gotten a 24 hour jump on Wilmore: