Larry Wilmore was on a tear again last night, covering the race by southern states to remove the Confederate flag from their government buildings, and by retailers to yank the flags off their shelves. While the legislature in South Carolina, where nine black residents were murdered in a church by a white supremacist last week, voted to go ahead and talk about removing their Confederate flag, Alabama surged ahead yesterday when its governor ordered removed all four of its Confederate flags:

“Man, the confederate flag is having a big week! Man! being pulled from stores, debated across the country! It just got cast as the new Spider-Man. It’s true. It was on Deadline. Everything on Deadline is true – I’m not making it up,” Wilmore began. His The Nightly Show officially changed its Cray Status Map.

“It appears Alabama is not cray any more! This is the first time this has ever happened, that we’ve had a cray state turned into a non-cray state. I think it’s the four flags that did it,” Wilmore snarked.

One night earlier, he’d savaged CNN for its coverage of the unfolding story in South Carolina and Obama’s choice of words in a podcast talking about racial prejudice, scolding Don Lemon for holding up a “race card” on which had been printed a slur Obama used in the podcast, and remarking, “Hey Don! I know a better N word you should focus on: News.”