As we suspected, Universal leapfrogged over both Warner Bros and Disney to take sole possession of first place in the 2015 domestic market share standings. Jurassic World overachieved at the box office — it is on course to recoup its costs this week and becomes the fourth Universal film to earn back its money within 30 days of release, with the others being Fifty Shades Of Grey, Furious 7 and Pitch Perfect 2. That is the recipe for a helluva year at Universal.

Disney might have something to say about this, as it releases the spectacularly well-reviewed Pixar film Inside Out this Friday, followed by the family film Max. Universal will expect its dinosaurs to continue roaring, and then it opens Ted 2 on June 26 and Minions on July 10. Warner Bros, which already has released 18 films this year, doesn’t really get an opportunity to claw back into contention until July 1 with the Channing Tatum starrer Magic Mike XXL.

It really is looking like Universal has a great chance to win this thing, but we just saw how a proven and beloved franchise can perform, and Disney sure has one of those with Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens, which opens December 18.

2015 Studio Market Share Standings
  1. 1


    Titles 10Gross $1.044B
    21.53%Market Share
  2. 2

    Warner Bros

    Titles 18Gross $966.6M
    19.93%Market Share
  3. 3


    Titles 10Gross $884.2M
    18.23%Market Share
  4. 4


    Titles 25Gross $692.6M
    14.28%Market Share
  5. 5


    Titles 7Gross $276.6M
    5.70%Market Share
  6. 6


    Titles 9Gross $246.0M
    5.07%Market Share
  7. 7


    Titles 8Gross $216.0M
    4.45%Market Share
  8. 8

    Weinstein Co

    Titles 6Gross $188.8M
    3.89%Market Share
  9. 9


    Titles 6Gross $74.2M
    1.53%Market Share
  10. 10

    Focus Features

    Titles 4Gross $51.5M
    1.06%Market Share

2015 DOMESTIC GROSS TO DATE: $4.85B (+4.0%)

Data from January 1-June 14, 2015

Source: Rentrak