Updated with video: Remember Jeb Bush — the guys whose GOP POTUS run announcement we all forgot about 20 hours later, when Donald Trump announced the American Dream is dead so he’s making a play for the White House because he’s really rich and America needs a leader who wrote The Art Of the Deal? Jeb slow-jammed the news on NBC’s Tonight Show, tonight.

He’s no Brian Williams.

He’s no Barack Obama either, slow-jam wise, though he’s definitely on par with Mitt Romney, who’s also slow-jammed with Jimmy on the show. Jimmy slow-jammed an interview with Jeb about his presidential campaign.

“I’m looking forward to hitting the campaign trail and discussing the issues that are important to all Americans — and having spirited debates with my fellow Republicans about how to solve them,” Jeb jammed.

“You don’t want to mess with Little Jebby,” Fallon translated. “Because when it comes to debating, he’s a master.”

“He’s a master-debater,” Black Thought crooned naughtily.

After Jimmy chatted with Billy Crystal a while, Jeb returned to talk politics. Kidding. Jeb said it was a great time to be an American because we’re going to have driver-less cars soon, and some serious diseases will be cured, though we have a couple big things we need to “fix.”

Jimmy said he loves Jeb’s mother, Barbara and how Jeb asked her to ask everyone to sit down at his candidacy announcement we’ve all forgotten.

Jimmy asked Jeb about his diet – he recently lost 30 pounds – his secret guacamole recipe, and wondered what Jeb would like to say to Jimmy’s younger audience. “I think we need high sustained economic growth so they can get jobs,” Jeb said.

Jimmy admitted he also has some viewers older than 60 ,and wondered what Jeb would say to them. “I think we need high sustained economic growth and to them I would just say it louder,” Jeb responded.

Asked about the other Bush’s, who’ve successfully run for the White House, Jeb pronounced his dad “the most perfect man I’ve ever met” and called George W. “a significantly better artist than I am. I’m a whole lot younger and better looking.”