Jeb Bush has mapped out a TV blitz following his long-awaited announcement he’s running for the White House.

NBC’s Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon last week landed the finally-made-it-official presidential candidate for tomorrow night at 11:30 PM ET. But  before Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush makes his late-night Official POTUS Contender debut, he will appear Fox News Channel’s Hannity, which has locked the first post-announcement cable-news interview with the former Florida governor, tomorrow at 10 PM ET, during which Bush is expected to give his cable-news pitch about his vision for the country, the Bush family name and the swelling GOP 2016 presidential field.

After that, ABC’s World News Tonight has landed the first broadcast evening newscast appearance. Muir airs his crack at No. 43’s younger brother/No. 41’s son on Wednesday’s broadcast

“Mom, can you ask them to sit down please?” Bush asked Barbara Bush in the audience, minutes ago, to kick off the official announcement of his White House run at Miami Dade College, which he said always made him feel welcome.

“This is a place that welcomes everyone with their hearts set on the future, a place where hope leads to achievement and striving leads to success,” Bush said at the top of his speech. “For all of us, it’s just the place to be in the campaign that begins today,” he added, lowering the time-it-took-a-2016-candidate-to-actually-announce by about 85%. That’s even taking into account his having started to speak about half an hour late, according to TV reporters who’d been cooling their heels in the hall this afternoon.