The non-profit permitting group got a notice of its own today and it may see them set up shop in court. A Hollywood nightclub filed a complaint for unspecified damages Tuesday against FilmLA for some last minute production shooting that basically closed them down for two days in April. Time that left the owners of The Cosmos nightclub out some mid-week dough. And that’s money they want to see some of now.

“Upon the aforementioned notification at 10:00 p.m., on March 30, 2015, Plaintiff TOP GUN voiced their opposition to the filming, in that FILMLA, or its principal TOP GUN, never provided any advance notice of the filming to Plaintiff, and that said filming would severely impair and jeopardize THE COSMO’ s expected volume and revenue, of which was substantial on Wednesday nights,” says the 6-page lawsuit for Private Nuisance and Negligence (read it here). “As a result of the unconsented filming, Plaintiff TOP GUN was forced to shut down THE COSMO on April 1-2, 2015.”

The filming this spring on Hollywood Blvd was for the pilot for Endgame. As of late April, the show is now going by the title of The Player. Picked up by NBC in early May, the thriller is set debut on the network next season. NBC are not named as a defendant in the suit though Topanga Productions are. “As of this time we have not been served in this lawsuit,” a FilmLA spokesperson told me this evening of the claims. Various LA Country residents and business have had issues with FilmLA over the years with concerns about permits allowing production trucks to taking streets and long delays getting back into one’s own neighborhoods, among other incidents. However, rarely have those frustrations escalated to the courts as this incident obviously has.

To make it even worse, the plaintiffs say in their jury trial seeking filing that FilmLA acknowledged that it did them wrong. On April 1, 2015, Guy Langman, Community Outreach Liaison for FILMLA contacted Conrad P. Straub, General Manager at THE COSMO, via email, and admitted that Plaintiff TOP GUN had not received advance notice of the filming.” Perhaps even worse was that FilmLA offered the club’s neighbors $3,000 in an “inconvenience fee” but The Cosmos were offered nothing before Endgame shooting started.

Now undoubtedly they hope to get more than that.

Top Gun Nightclub Group are represented by Michael D. Kolodzi of the Kolodzi Law Firm of Beverly Hills.