The first day of shooting on the new season of Fox’s blockbuster hip-hop family drama Empire saw fists flying behind bars — at least according to Chris Rock. Guest starring in Season 2 of Empire, the actor did a shout-out on Lee Daniels’ Instagram on Tuesday with the series co-creator and star Terrence Howard – see the video below.

lee daniels empire season 2 day 1The trio joke that the prison set scene saw someone give someone else a hit to the stomach and, as Rock says, that someone has “a reputation.” Howard’s Lucious Lyon character was taken away in handcuffs in the massive-watched Season 1 finale on March 18. Obviously he ended up in the big house. How that all plays out we’ll see when Empire returns on September 23.

Rock will be joined by other guest stars like Lenny Kravitz and Alicia Keyes in Season 2. Oprah Winfrey is also said to be making an appearance.