EXCLUSIVE: “I couldn’t care less,” said the Presidential candidate to Deadline today about criticism that he posted Univision anchor Jorge Ramos’ cell number online. “That’s fair game, if he treats me fairly, I’ll treat him fairly. If he doesn’t treat me fairly, then I play by his rules.” The same day Univision pulled the plug on showing the Miss USA pageant because of remarks that Donald Trump made about Mexico and immigration, Ramos sent the Miss Universe Organization co-owner a hand-written letter to get him to come on the air (read it here).

“I know this is an important issue for you and for me,” Ramos said in the correspondence dated June 25. Trump posted the letter on his Instagram account today. “He’s lied about me, he’s said bad things about me,” the Celebrity Apprentice host told me about Ramos and the way he has been reported about on Univision. “He has misrepresented me.” Earlier this week Ramos said online that Trump’s remarks were “full of ethnic prejudices” and were “without any basis in reality.” He also challenged Trump to go a day at his various business’ with Latino or Mexican employees to learn how valuable they are to him and America. Univision did not respond for comment on Trump’s actions or remarks.

Also Trump literally closed the gate on Univision chief Randy Falco with a letter that he sent today. Reiterating his claim that it was the government of Mexico that pressured the Spanish-language broadcaster to end its recently minted relationship with Miss USA, Trump told Falco to “close the gate between our respective properties” on a Miami golf course which is next to the Univision offices in the metropolis. On Thursday, Univision staffers received a memo telling them not to conduct any official network business in any of Trump’s hotels or other properties. In response, Trump said in the letter to Falco that all Univision employees were banned from the Florida golf course that has his name on it. Take a look at that letter below:

falco trump letter june 26