In case CNN anchor Jake Tapper didn’t have enough things to talk to guest Donald Trump about on tomorrow’s State of the Union:

Real estate mogul/reality TV Star/beauty pageant co-owner/GOP presidential candidate Trump is “the Frankenstein monster,” created by the Tea Party, who isn’t going away any time soon, Bill Maher pronounced last night on his HBO late night show Real Time.  “He never apologizes – he’s never wrong, no matter what crazy thing he says. He’s the white Kanye,” Maher  added for good measure. “For a party whose base adores belligerence, this is The Guy.”

Most recently, Trump’s been in the news when Univision announced it would not broadcast the Miss USA Pageant, which his organization co-owns with NBC, owing to comments Trump made about Mexico in announcing his White House bid.

Republican pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson, joining Maher in his show’s panel discussion, said the problem Trump is going to have is that he is viewed unfavorably by 3/4 of Republicans. Guess how long into the chat it took her to blame the media for Trump’s current polling numbers?

“I indict the media on this one. Because any time Trump does anything looney he gets so, so much press. He holds a press [conference] to be The Birther In Chief, and everybody goes and watches,” she scolded.

“He’s the guy on The Bachelorette you don’t want to see kicked off the show,” chimed in panelist Judd Apatow.