The shrouded-in-secrecy David Fincher HBO comedy series Videosynchrazy (fka Living on Video) has shut down production. No one is commenting, but I hear filming on the project — which I hear was in the middle of Episode 4 or 5 — has stopped. While word has it that some cast members were told the show is not going forward, I’m told the series is not dead but taking a break. The decision to stop was made after HBO saw some complete episodes. According to sources, Fincher had asked for some time to look at the cuts and decide on the series’ creative direction. There might be some script retooling.

Set in 1983 Los Angeles, Videosynchrazy , which had a 10-episode order, revolves around the players of the then-exploding music video industry — directors, record executives and crew members, many of them dabbling in drugs — through the eyes of a newcomer, Robby (Charlie Rowe). Robby is a wide-eyed guy who drops out of college and drives to Hollywood with dreams of directing a sci-fi epic and lands a job as a PA for a company making music videos. Believed to be co-starring in the series are Sam Page, Jason Flemyng, Corbin Bernsen, Kerry Condon and Elizabeth Lail.

Fincher, who directed multiple episodes, is revisiting his music video director roots with the comedy, written by Rich Wilkes (xXx) and Bob Stephenson, a friend of Fincher’s from his music video days, based on an idea by Fincher.

This is one of two projects Fincher has at HBO, along with drama Utopia.