It’s hard to say whether this indicates that the ad market is more robust than expected, or that CW is simply taking business from its rivals. But the network co-owned by CBS and Warner Bros just became the first broadcaster to complete its upfront selling with unit prices up about 4% and volume up between 12% and 15%, I’m told.

CW picked up 30 new clients, including auto makers, finance and retail companies.

This is an improvement from last year when RBC Capital Markets’ David Bank estimated it generated about $400 million in upfront sales. The network’s volume fell 5% in 2014, while unit pricing increased between 3% and 4%.

CW had a better story to tell, and sell, this year. The season ending in May was its best since 2008. It brought in males with The Flash — its most watched series ever — and Arrow. Jane The Virgin was a critical success.