Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks are teaming up again for another trip down 1960s memory lane, and it’s a doozy. Bridge Of Spies, set during the arguable height of Cold War tensions (between 1957 and the early ’60s), follows the career of attorney James B Donovan. Donovan made a name for himself in 1957 when he risked his career and social standing by defending Soviet spy Rudolf Abel; he went on to negotiate the prisoner exchange that freed pilot Francis Gary Powers after Powers’ U-2 spy plane was shot down over Soviet airspace, as well as the deal that led to the release of 1100 prisoners captured by the Cuban government after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion.

Hanks plays a suitably harried Donovan, with Mark Rylance as Abel, along with Amy Ryan and Alan Alda. Directed by Spielberg from a script by Matt Charman, and the Coen Brothers, Bridge Pf Spies is produced by Marc Platt, Kristie Macosko Krieger, and Spielberg. It hits theaters October 16.