When Bloodline producers Glenn Kessler, Todd A. Kessler and Daniel Zelman set out to create an entire world around their Netflix family drama, they went south because, as Glenn recently told AwardsLine, “The Florida Keys was something that we had not seen explored.” And much the same way Albuquerque is such a fitting backdrop for Breaking Bad and its spinoff Better Call Saul, the Keys—idyllic by day, “anti-glamorous,” as Sissy Spacek describes it, by night—parallels the tragedy of the Rayburn family. Robert and Sally Rayburn (Sam Shepard and Spacek) retreated to the Keys, bought some land, built a respected family business and hoped to raise their kids in paradise. And as Ben Mendelsohn says in the video above, for a while it was paradise. But before long, a devastating family secret—and its coverup—unravels the lives of every member of the family. See for yourself. (And enjoy Mendelsohn—so amazing as black sheep Danny Rayburn—speak in his native Australian accent!)