EXCLUSIVE: Spanish director Fernando Leon de Aranoa’s English-language debut A Perfect Day expands the genre definition for political comedy. How so? It’s not often that a Balkans conflict zone is used as a backdrop for comedy. Judging from the trailer and clips, however, Tim Robbins and Benicio Del Toro’s deadpan cadence is quite hysterical. The duo. along with Olga Kurylenko and Melanie Thierry, play foreign aid workers tasked with fishing a corpse out of a water well. The film is playing at the 47th annual Directors’ Fortnight program at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. London-based West Ends Films is handling sales.

In the first scene above, Sophie (Thierry) discovers the group’s problem in the post-war zone. She is soon offended by how the locals are being exploited, given the territory’s dire situation (second clip). Her co-worker Mambru (Del Toro) explains why he can’t offer up a solution.