EXCLUSIVE: XLrator Media is looking to the skies. And there it found The Phoenix Incident, a fact-based UFO thriller to which it has commandeered North American rights. The debut feature from veteran vidgame director Keith Arem (Call Of Duty) centers on the biggest mass UFO sighting ever in the U.S., a military conspiracy, whistleblowers and four related missing-persons cases.

It was early in the second Clinton administration when thousands of people, including future GOP presidential nominee John McCain, reportedwitnessing inexplicable lights in the night sky over Arizona. Local boy Arem wrote and helmed the pic, which explores the U.S. military’s alleged engagement of alien spacecraft that night. Troy Baker, Yuri Lowenthal, and Jamie Tisdale star. Check out a clip from the film here:

No release date has been set for Phoenix Incident, which Arem also produced with Ash Sarohia and Adam Lawson for their PCB Entertainment banner. The pic was repped by Concourse Film Trade, the sales unit of newly launched Concourse Media, whose founders Matthew Shreder and Andrew Felts negotiated the deal with XLrator CEO Barry Gordon.