Viewers get to pick competitors for the next season of Survivor, CBS announced at the end of tonight’s broadcast, confirming speculation.  Already the network tried to put a different spin on the next season of its very long running reality series,  which will film this summer and air in the fall. Billed as a “second chance” season for the series, all 32 wannabe players are former competitors, ranging from Seasons 1-30. To be eligible, they need only have competed just once before and not taken home the $1 million prize to date.The series previously did an “all-star” edition.

Voting started with tonight’s announcement; CBS has made available personal videos from all 32 candidates, making their case for why they deserve a second chance at the game. Results of viewer voting for next season’s 20 competitors will be announced during Season 30’s life finale reunion show, on Wednesday, May 20.

The idea of a ‘second chance’ season started brewing during the first season, when Kelly Wigelsworth lost to Richard Hatch, insisted host Jeff Probst, who called the stunt casting ” a fun way to allow our loyal fans to be involved in the creative process.”
And yes, Wigelsworth is among the potential players.