Momma said there’d be nights like this: Reese Witherspoon hosted an SNL edition packed with more lame jokes than this story’s headline. Decked out in a bizarre lace dress that might have been at home in a revival of The Glass Menagerie, Witherspoon launched her monologue with a hat-tip to “the Mother [sic] Day” show, which provided an excuse to have cast members bring on their moms to “apologize” for certain youthful antics. Sample: Vanessa Bayer asked for absolution from peeing all over the house as a kid. TMI!

You’d have thought such stories would cure at least some of the regulars of the season’s epidemic level of Eyeballs-Glued-To-The-Cue-Cards Disease, but Nooooo…The bit did, however, give the unimpeachably game star almost nothing to work with, possibly a good thing given the critical drubbing accorded Hot Pursuit, the movie she was there to plug.

To her credit, Witherspoon never betrayed for one instant any dismay over the wretched material the SNL writers delivered for this season’s low-bar outing.

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