UPDATE, later Sunday AM: A commenter points out the similarity between this sketch and one from Canadian TV show This Hour Has 22 Minutes a couple of months ago: Judge for yourself:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgXj23LRI94.

You had to cool your heels for nearly two minutes, but the “Picture Perfect” game-show sketch on last night’s Saturday Night Live hit a live target: fear of retribution by fanatics for any representation of the Prophet Muhammad. The bit began innocently enough with two teams lined up for a game of pictorial charades. But when Bobby Moynihan was handed a card telling him to draw an image of the Prophet, his confidence instantly turned to terror, as it did for the contestants who followed, including the loopily brilliant-as-usual Kenan Thompson. It was the evening’s sole attempt to inject a serious topic with a bit of satirical acid, and while it was fully 01:39 before we got to the point of the routine, it was worth the wait. As opposed to, say, what seemed like the longest and least funny, most tiresome “Weekend Update” segment in memory (and which is still going on, for all I know).

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