Here’s one of the benefits of having Warner Bros as a major investor: Fandom and gamer oriented digital video channel Machinima will serve up at least three productions based on characters from the studio’s DC Entertainment properties, execs said today at a NewFront presentation.

The DC titles include Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles Season 2, DC’s Hero Project, and #4Hero. Machinima also touted collaborations with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Clive Barker, Roberto Orci and Bunim/Murray Productions.

Machinima recovered from a huge turnover about a year ago, laying off much of its sales staff, and bringing in executives including CEO Chad Gutstein — who sought a $24 million funding round led by Warner Bros .  “With our new slate, we are reminding our fans and our clients of one very important fact: Machinima is back,” he says.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles will give new stories and personalities to familiar DC characters. For example, Superman will be the son of General Zod, not Jor-El, and Batman will be a vampire bat, and not Bruce Wayne. DC’s Hero Project will give eight contestants the opportunity to develop a live action short video based on DC characters. And #4Hero updates a DC cult-favorite: Dial H For Hero. 

In addition, Machnima will have RoboCops, based on the 1987 MGM film.  Fan submitted live action short horror films will appear on  Clive Barker’s Creepy Pasta. Bunim/Murray Productions will offer Happy Wheels, based on a hit online game. And producer Roberto Orci created High School 51 featuring Orlando Jones in a series about a school filled with aliens.