Americans eat about 160 million chickens a week. Yet some poultry farmers live below the poverty line, John Oliver explained last night on his HBO show Last Week Tonight.

That’s because of the skewed business model set up by the chicken companies for which they work, Oliver said.  The big companies own and provide to the farmers the baby chicks – they make money. The farmers are on the hook for the chick housing, equipment, labor, etc. – they cost money.  The chicken companies punish farmers, Oliver says, for complaining about the set-up, and cuts their pay if a neighboring farmer produces fatter chickens.

Politicians trying to enact legislation to protect chicken farmers are being thwarted by politicians in the pocket of the chicken companies, the late-night host said before announcing his latest viewer call to action. He encouraged viewers to add the words “Chicken F*cker” to the Wikipedia pages of members of Congress on the appropriations committee if they vote against such legislation next week. There are 51 voting members on the committee, he said. He showed their faces, names and states.

“If your representative’s name is up there, and they vote against [the] amendment, it is because they are chicken f*ckers…And unless they want that…label to follow them for the rest of their lives they might want to think extra carefully about which way they are going to vote. Because Chicken F*cker accusations do not come off a Wikipedia page easily. Or, if they do, they tend to go right back up!”