Blumhouse take note. A new horror film trailer from Israeli brother directors Yoav and Doron Paz made me sit up and take notice today. It stars Yael Grobglas (Jane The Virgin) and was shot in Israel — entitled JeruZalem. It will premiere this July in Montreal at the Fantasia International Film Festival on July 22.

Doran and Yoav PAZThe story. JeruZalem follows a group of American teenagers whose visit to Jerusalem on Yom Kippur turns into an unimaginable nightmare. Their vacation is cut short when they are caught in the middle of a Biblical apocalypse, complete with hell unleashing upon them as they try to escape anywhere to safety. The film was produced through Epic Pictures, which is going to Cannes this year with other titles.

“Jerusalem is normally seen through the lens of news coverage. We wanted to show the city through the eyes of a backpacker. There’s no better way to do it than a genre film,” says Doron Paz. They are part of the new, emerging wave of Israeli genre films, and honestly, from the trailer, it’s nice to find emerging filmmakers from other countries. The brothers did one other film in the past called Phobidilia. Take a look at JeruZalem above.