Comedy writing duo Erin Simon and Kim Karp have sold a half-hour single-camera spec, 101 Ways To Kill Your Ex, to IFC. In it, jilted by their respective partners, a woman and a man team up to exact down and dirty revenge on the lovers who did them wrong.

Karp and Simon are the team behind another spec with an attention-grabbing headline, the feature comedy script The Incredible True Story of Jessica & Drew Who Accidentally Boned On The Way To The Wedding, which sold in 2012 and has been  in development at Fox 2000, with Mason Novick and Karen Rosenfelt producing. Simon previously worked at Ben Stiller’s Red Hour Productions and was senior VP of comedy at Regency TV before segueing into writing. Karp was at DreamWorks Television before becoming a TV writer, working on sitcoms For Your Love and Raising Dad. The duo, who have developed at HBO, MTV, and IFC, are repped by WME and Madhouse Entertainment; their attorney is Eric Sherman.