Fox News Channel’s Greg Gutfeld visited Hoda and Kathie Lee on NBC’s Today this morning to tout his network’s Sunday 10 PM ET launch of The Greg Gutfeld Show — and explain why he recently stalked Jenna Bush Hager at the gym.

“You know what’s good about a treadmill? She couldn’t get away!” Gutfeld raved. “Stalk women on treadmills — my first tip.”

No, we don’t know why Hoda and Kathie Lee were wearing matching tops, albeit in different colors.

Way back in February, FNC announced it was piloting a Sunday late-night show for The Five cast member. The show will focus on Gutfeld’s “strong libertarian values and social commentary” and highlight his “whimsical nature and political satire,” the network said. Prior to joining FNC, Gutfeld was a staff writer at Prevention and editor-in-chief of Men’s Health magazine. He later became the editor-in-chief of Stuff. From 2004-06, Gutfeld helmed Maxim in the UK and was a contributor to the Huffington Post. He has authored several books, most recently Not Cool: The Hipster Elite And Their War On You.

In his new time slot, FNC has been running a little of this/a little of that this calendar year to date. The size of its audience in the slot has fluttered as high as 1.16 million viewers on May 3, with coverage of that days’s fatal shooting of two men who opened fire outside a contest for Prophet Mohammed cartoons in a Dallas suburb. But FNC’s ratings in the slot have dipped as low as the low 200,000’s this year, with repeats of programs that run elsewhere on the network’s lineup.

Meanwhile, HBO’s topical comedy Sunday late-night series Last Week Tonight With John Oliver also has flucuated ratings-wise this calendar year, though with nowhere near the FNC extremes. Oliver’s opening audience has gone as high as 1.45 million viewers in a premiere telecast his year at 11 PM ET Sunday. Here’s the difference: That night Oliver clocked nearly 1.5 million premiere viewers, 972,000 of them were news-demo viewers and 521,000 were ages 50-plus.

In contrast, the night FNC logged those nearly 1.2 million with Dallas shooting coverage, 310,000 of them fell into the 25-54 year old news demo, while 899,000 were 50+. And, Oliver’s episodes go on to collect many more viewers when replayed across the network’s schedule and via other platforms.

Here’s how Greg described his new series to his The Five colleagues two weeks ago: