Almost two weeks after the host himself said the simulcast of Imus In The Morning was being dropped from Fox Business Network after almost 6-years,  the Roger Ailes run cable channel today made it official. They also made it official that a series of programming changes are taking effect next week.  FBN plan to replace the always odd fit of Imus’ show on June 1 with – are you ready?: a new biz show. The radio host brought his show to FBN in October 2009. That was more than 2-years after the simulcast of the daily nationally syndicated 2010 AFTRA AMEE Awards - Showshow was dropped from MSNBC after an 11-year run because of racially derogative remarks Imus made on air on April 4 2007. On that occasion both Imus’ radio show and its TV version were cancelled. Today’s FBN announcement just impacts the simulcast TV show. The 5 AM portion of what is still Imus’ slot will now be the home of a new pre-Wall Street opening show.

Focusing on international markets and breaking news, Morning Money with Maria Bartiromo will take over the 6 AM – 9 AM slot, FBN said Monday. The former CNBC host joined FBN in early 2014 with Opening Bell With Maria Bartiromo debuting on February 24 that year in the 9 – 11 AM spot. An expanded Varney  & Company will now air from 9 AM to noon every San Francisco Federal Reserve President John Williams & Mizuho Securities USA CEO John Koudounis Visit "Opening Bell With Maria Bartiromo" On FOX Business Networkweekday followed by the new midday market oriented CAVUTO: Coast to Coast from 12 – 2 PM and hosted by, no surprises, Neil Cavuto. Newly shifted over to FBN from Bloomberg, Trish Regan will now host the 2 PM hour with Trish Regan Intel taking over the current MONEY with Melissa Francis. Not changing is Countdown to the Closing Bell with Liz Claman at 3 PM but 4 PM’s After the Bell will now be co-anchored by David Asman and Francis.

Undoubtedly a lead-up to the 2016 Presidential election, the FBN chess pieces moves will also see The Will Report cancelled as host Gerry Willis becomes a roving presence on both FBN and Fox News Channel. Into TWR’s 5 PM slot will move Risk & Reward with Deirdre Bolton, which is on at 1 PM ET right now. Making Money with Charles Payne and Lou Dobbs Tonight will stay in their respective 6 PM and 7 PM ET slots but 10 PM’s Kennedy, hosted by former VJ Lisa Montgomery, will move to the 8 PM place where Cavuto presently sits. On Friday’s John Stossel will hold down the 8 PM slot. Newly launched reality series Strange Inheritance will continue at 10 PM ET.