Was it just my imagination or were there more sketches and fewer videos on the season closer of Saturday Night Live last night? Yes, some were flat but still, there were more hits than misses. And I have to admit that Cecily Strong has totally grown on me and cracks me up in the recurring role of a monotone twit moll. This time she was on the arm of host Louis C.K., as a gauche, mooching couple (she’s a “singer” and he’s her “producer”) who invade the serene beach cabana where Vanessa Bayer and Kenan Thompson are trying more and more desperately to enjoy some marital birthday bliss. Maybe it’s Cecily’s genius for deadpanning in the midst of such tomfoolery (singing her “song” “Vacate,” for example — well maybe you hadda be there). Or the weird accent. Watch the clip and let us know what you think.