CBS had its swagger on for its upfront week sales pitch to advertisers. But having introduced its Campaign Performance Audit viewership information offerings in March, it spent far less time than its rivals did during the past few days describing data or packaging opportunities it can offer to keep buyers from diverting dollars to digital video providers.

Execs focused instead on CBS’ performance as the No. 1 network in total viewers. “Big data is meaningless if you don’t have a big audience,” Network Sales President JoAnn Ross told the Carnegie Hall gathering.

CEO Les Moonves sustained the theme that “we’re the ones who always deliver” across all screens. He said that when you add the people who watch the network’s shows on different platforms CBS has more viewers than it had a decade ago.

“That little fact shatters a lot of myths about network television,” Moonves said.

But this year he also was able to talk up the company’s new platforms including CBS All Access and the CBSN news service. They help to make CBS Interactive one the world’s 15 largest Internet companies. “That’s a statement no other network can make,” he says.