“If you’ve been watching there’s amazing amount of power in the room — there’s a lot of emotion in the room,” Bill Murray told Lawrence O’Donnell last night on MSNBC, after taping his final appearance on David Letterman’s Late Show.

“Dave is at some incredible level of capability right now,” said Murray, who was Letterman’s final announced guest as he ends his record-breaking run hosting a broadcast late-night show.

“People come out [on stage] and they can do anything and he just floats above everything. He’s really in a different plane than the rest of us right now,” Murray said on O’Donnell’s The Last Word.

The pressure of being Dave’s last announced guest was “a false thing,” Murray explained.

“I kept feeling it. All the crew wants you to really kill it — all those people whose jobs are going to end in two days…all those people whose viewing is going to end in two days want you to be so great.”

“I know that’s all false,” continued Murray, who was Dave’s first guest when he made his network TV debut on NBC’s Late Night in the 80’s, and again when Dave unveiled CBS’s Late Show after Jay Leno was named to succeed Johnny Carson on Tonight Show. 

“I can’t wear that out there…I have to be empty of all that and just be with the guy…to be his friend and his fellow professional for a while” on stage.

Worldwide Pants has kept plans under wraps for tonight’s final broadcast of Late Show With David Letterman, which will end Dave’s more than three-decade run.