In his weekly New Rule editorial, HBO’s Real Time host Bill Maher exhumed the old Romper Room “Do Bee/Don’t Bee” motif, to illustrate why May 1 should be declared National Do This Not That Day, and the difference between presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Romper Room, he explained to millennials, is the TV show that people used to use to bore pre-schoolers into taking a nap in the days before Ritalin. Doo Bee, he explained, was always doing everything right, while Don’t Bee “was a huge fuck up.” Guess which president Maher said was which Bee:

“After an attack on America, Mr. Don’t Bee panics and invades the wrong country. Mr. Do Bee focuses on the real attacker and shoot him in the face,” Maher said.

“Mr. Don’t Bee gets his actionable intel from Jesus. Mr. Do Bee gets his from tapping your phone.”

Continuing his theme, Maher said, “We were baited into an unnecessary war that cost thousands of lives and trillions of dollars, and what did it really get us, except and Oscar nomination for Bradley Cooper?”