Jimmy Kimmel may rip everyone as usual at his annual upfronts routine for ABC next univision-logo-2015-squareweek, but the star of the NYC sales shindig looks to be a former and potentially future occupant of the White House. Ex-POTUS Bill Clinton will be taking the stage at Univision’s May 12 presentation in a Q&A in front of advertisers. The late-morning Lyric Theatre event is going to focus on the power of the Latino market both culturally and economically.

No word yet on who’ll be joining the 42nd President for the Q&A. But we do know that Clinton usually takes a fee between $125,000 to $750,000 for such appearances.

Today’s Bill Clinton news comes one day after Hillary Clinton gave her strongest statements yet on immigration reform, an issue Univision has put on the front burner in its news coverage. Doubt the former SecState is heading to the upfronts, but the recently announced 2016 presidential candidate and former First Lady will be in L.A. on Thursday for a trio of fundraisers. Those events include a lunch at Steven Bochco’s and a dinner at Haim Saban‘s home co-hosted by Casey Wasserman. Tickets to both events are $2,700 a pop.