The Canadian-spawned drama hits the airwaves in the Great White North tonight and on the streaming service soon afterwards, but don’t expect to dig in all at once. Unlike past Netflix series, as my video review above of the very much run-of-the-mill Young Adult show notes, the whole first season of Between will not be available in one chunk. Like a regular non-streaming TV series, which it is in Canada, the 6-part show will instead be going up one episode at a time over its run.

Here’s the Between deal – a mysterious virus is wiping out most of the population of the banally named Pretty Lake over 22 years old. A military enforced quarantine is put into effect and then things go all Lord Of The Flies in the town, in a kind of well-mannered more is going on than meets the eye way. Here’s the short takeaway – Between just doesn’t pop, at least not once episode at a time. With middling production values and former iCarly star Jennette McCurdy as the pregnant teen lead, the Michael McGowan-created show is pretty standard stuff that you find all over cable. Even 24 alumni Jon Cassar’s directing of the opening episodes can’t rise Between above that.

So take a look at my review and tell us what you think? Are you thinking of getting into Between?