Adam Sandler performed an only slightly raunchy and bordering-on-touching tribute to David Letterman on Late Show one week to the day before Dave’s final night as host. It’s unclear how much more of this Letterman will be subjected to before his final broadcast on Wednesday. Tonight Paul Schaffer is one of his sit-down guests, so there might be another musical tribute of sorts. But Sandler is just the latest in the pantheon of celebrities who want to sing to Dave when they come to kiss the ring one last time. Martin Short treated Dave to a tune he’d written for his funeral:

And Nathan Lane stopped by to say so-long and perform a “ditty” — though, frankly, it didn’t seem to have much to do with Dave and was mostly about Lane feeling “dead inside.” “I’ve always been able to tell you everything — you are my Oprah,” Lane told Letterman before beginning his song. “Am I in your will?”