“The connection that really matters is the one that comes from the heart,” ABC Entertainment Group President Paul Lee told advertisers today at the company’s upfront presentation — building on broadcasters’ efforts this week to persuade buyers not to divert additional dollars to digital platforms.

He said ABC is “the stronger brand” on metrics including “brand halo” and being perceived by viewers for being “most modern.” That “really is the secret to our momentum,” Lee said.

Ad Sales President Geri Wang offered more concrete options to help buyers determine whether it pays to run spots on the network. ABC Unified Insights is a web dashboard that will enable advertisers to see viewing by demo, platform (e.g. on demand, DVRs or browsers) and match with Nielsen Buyer Index data. A product for linear TV buyers will help them to target ads based on data from set-top boxes or third parties so they can focus on, say, apparel shoppers. And another option helps them to buy particular kinds of impressions across digital feeds from ABC, ABC Family, ABC-owned stations, Disney Media, ESPN and online service Maker Studio.

“It’s a digital match made in heaven,” Wang said. “We’re confident that the more you know about ABC the better it is for both of us.” She also touched on growing concerns that some digital ad measurements are skewed by bots and other so-called “non-human traffic.”

“At the end of the day, the best way to have confidence is to buy from a partner you trust,” she said. “Precision matters.”

The exec also played up the “massive” size of ABC’s digital audience. She says that the network’s audience on digital and on-demand platforms would rank No. 3 if it were seen as a cable network.

ABC Television Group President Ben Sherwood kicked off today’s presentation saying that although ABC has the “most loved, most talked-about and most social” shows “we believe we can do even better.” He voted to offer “modern, new and smarter ways” of reaching buyers. “We’re committed to winning, in every sense.”