I guess the idea of teaming the star of When Harry Met Sally with the star of The Book Of Mormon for a real FX show about a fake FX show looked like a great idea in someone’s email. But the resulting series, The Comedians, sure doesn’t work on the small screen. As my video review above  says, Comedians just creaks along in search of itself, both as a real show starring Billy Crystal and Josh Gad and as a fake show about a real show.

It’s adapted from a Swedish series, with Crystal joined as executive producer by Ben Wexler, Burn Notice creator Matt Nix and Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm vet Larry Charles, among others. Unfortunately, despite all that veteran talent, there is little funny and even less original about The Comedians.

Well, that’s not entirely true — Denis O’Hare is so great as the head of FX, who is so obviously an exaggerated version of real-life FX chief John Landgraf. Otherwise, it tries to do too much, partly the pseudo-documentary of The Office and partly the up-close-and-personal Curb. And the behind-the-scenes egos and limp antics  just serve to remind me just how good and nimble The Larry Sanders Show truly was.

Are you thinking of checking out the show? Watch my review of The Comedians, which premieres April 9 at 10 PM right before the start of the new season of Louie. Tell us what you think.