There might have been a time during the heyday of Roseanne Barr’s run as the queen of the TV sitcom in the early 1990s when she actually might have been popular enough to make a full run to become the U.S. president. The show ran for nine seasons — the first six among the top 5 in all of primetime — and made the housewife-turned-comic a star, putting her on a pedestal as an American working-class hero. That pedestal is a bit smaller now, but it didn’t stop her from running for president in 2012 as a candidate for the Peace and Freedom Party, and her journey has been turned into a documentary by Michael Moore collaborator Eric Weinrib, Roseanne For President!, that world premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival on Saturday afternoon.

Check out the exclusive clip above that follows a stump speech in front of clearly pro-Roseanne crowd. Best line? “I’m not running as a publicity stunt, since my political views have pretty much ended my career anyway.”