Arts network Ovation announced during its upfront presentation today that it will premiere eight new specials and series in 2015 and has four projects in development. The series and specials will debut in a new time slot — Sunday at 8 PM ET. Series in development include Street Art Revival, in which residents and artists band together to transform towns through the power of art. Also on the slate is The Gavel, in which two art enthusiasts go toe to toe each week in a battle to find amazing artworks they’re convinced have a hidden price tag.

New series include Southern Uncovered With The Lee Bros., in which culinary experts and travel writers Matt and Ted Lee in each episode explore a different city in the South to uncover unique and unexpected sides of Southern cuisine and culture. It premieres on June 14. The Man Who Shot The 70s photographer Mick Rocks hosts six-episode series On the Record with Mick Rock. In each episode, Rock joins a new musical guest in his or her hometown for an insider’s tour of the places and people that define their city. Josh Groban is among the guests. It premieres on August 2.

Here’s a detailed look at the new series, specials and projects in development:

New Ovation Original Shows

Isabella Rossellini’s Green Porno Live! (1 x 60min)

After making 38 short films in the Green Porno series that delve into the mating and sexual habits that animals, insects, and marine life exhibit in nature, Isabella Rossellini took her comedic spin on the subject to the stage. This hilarious documentary special follows Ms. Rossellini around the world as she prepares for and performs her one woman show. Isabella Rossellini’s Green Porno Live! premieres May 17.

• The Da Vinci List (3 x 60min)

The Da Vinci List counts down the top 10, game-changing figures within an artistic genre –

from celebrated chefs to pioneers in film, and even a few amazing child prodigies. Hosted by a luminary from within the genre being explored, each episode profiles artists who are recognized for the indelible impact they’ve made on their crafts and looks at how their achievements define the trends of today. The first episode, The Da Vinci List: Chefs, will be hosted by culinary experts Matt and Ted Lee (“The Lee Bros.) and feature such ground-breaking chefs as Eric Ripert, Susan Feniger, Wylie Dufresne, Michael Votaggio, Anita Lo, Gary Danko, Marcus Samuelsson, Jonathan Waxman, Dominque Ansel and Scott Conant. The Da Vinci List: Chefs premieres June 7.

• Southern Uncovered with the Lee Bros. (6 x 30min)

In each episode of this Ovation TV original series, Award-winning culinary experts and travel writers Matt and Ted Lee explore a different city in the South, seeking to uncover the unique and unexpected sides of Southern cuisine and culture. The brothers aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty – or lace up their dancing shoes – as they introduce us to the people, places and amazing plates that define the South, beyond the stereotypes. Featured cities include Charleston, Atlanta, Dallas, New Orleans, Asheville, and Louisville. Southern Uncovered with the Lee Bros. premieres June 14.

• On the Record with Mick Rock (6 X 30min)

Part profile show, part travel show, On the Record with Mick Rock offers an intimate look at the artists who’ve defined and continue to shape the musical landscape. In each episode, legendary photographer Mick Rock (aka “The Man Who Shot the 70s”) joins a new musical guest in his or her hometown for an insider’s tour of the places and people that define their city. After following the artists to their favorite record stores, hangouts and homes, the episode culminates with a special musical performance by the artist. Guests include Josh Groban, Kings of Leon and Flaming Lips. On the Record with Mick Rock premieres August 2.

• The Art Of – Season 5 (4 x 30min)

Each episode of The Art Of profiles three artists who are creating boundary-pushing work in media that are not part of the traditional definition of “art.” Focusing on the celebrated, as well as the undiscovered, this series explores the creative process behind each featured art form and uncovers how and why these artists do what they do. Season five will highlight the art of relaxation, dance, light and noodles. Season 5 of The Art Of premieres September 6.

• Art Breakers (4 x 30min)

Powerhouse art dealers Miller Gaffney and Carol Lee Brosseau give us a backstage pass to the high-stakes and higher price-tag world of art collecting. With a demanding client list that includes everyone from A-list celebrities, Wall Street tycoons and NFL superstars, these ladies are on a mission to find the hottest artists, commission show-stopping works – and save their less-discerning clients from spending their millions on junk. Behind the scenes, we’ll see how these former sorority sisters and Sotheby’s graduates navigate being in business together. Art Breakers premieres October 4.

• Young Marvels – (Special Event)

In Season One of this Ovation original series, we followed eight exceptionally gifted children on their journeys to become successful artists in dance, music, vocal performance and more. During this two-hour special event, we will check in on their progress, as well as introduce a new crop of young prodigies. The Young Marvels special premieres November 14.

• American Canvas (3 x 60min)

Hosted by Dave Holmes (MTV, Reno 911), this Ovation original series is a new kind of travel show. The series premiered in March and explored the historic and creative communities unique to San Francisco, Austin and Miami. In upcoming episodes, Dave will reveal the hidden artistic gems in Chicago, Philadelphia, Portland, OR, and Los Angeles. The new episodes of American Canvas will begin airing in Q4.

Series in development: 

• Street Art Revival (series)

Residents and artists are banding together using creativity and elbow grease to transform towns through the power of art. This series will show viewers real-life examples of people who are using art to give America the revival it needs.

• The Gavel (series)

Each week, two art enthusiasts will go toe to toe in a battle to find amazing artworks they’re convinced have a hidden price tag. From thrift stores to junk yards to your very own attic, these contestants are in a race against time to find undiscovered masterpieces. The world’s most-prestigious auction houses will appraise the discoveries and find out if the pieces are treasures or trash.

• Art Therapy (series)

See how people are transformed with a little dose of artistic medicine. From kids suffering from behavioral disorders, to people who are terrified of public speaking, or individuals just coping with day-to-day stress, Art Therapy shows how untapped creativity and appreciation for the arts can change lives for the better.

• One Man’s Trash (series)

This original series follows a group of outspoken, quirky artists as they travel from junkyard to recycling center collecting the pieces they’ll use to create their best artistic works. Two teams of talented and adventurous artists compete against each other, relying on nothing but their creativity to turn trash into works of art.