First Lady Michelle Obama made her fifth and final visit to CBS’ Late Show With David Letterman tonight where they discussed stepping down from their current gigs.

“I’m retiring in a few weeks,” Letterman began.

“No kidding,” Michelle Obama shot back.

Letterman noted she’d be stepping down as First Lady in the not-too-distant future, adding “you won’t be retiring.”

‘When I’m running for president? I heard you — I was watching you,” Michelle Obama said, in re a crack Letterman had previously made on the show.

“It’s something to consider,” Letterman said gallantly.

But she thought the two of them should “hang out together” once Dave leaves Late Show.

“We could do things – I would help you raise your children…I can help you through the dark times,” the First Lady offered.

“Did you hear what the president’s wife is doing now?” Letterman imagined media saying if that happened.

She would not take ‘no’ for an answer, continuing to press that she could help him with his child-rearing problems.

“All the problems will be for the stepfather,” Letterman joked, winning the round.

She got in the last word, however, in the form of a “musical surprise” for Letterman  – a performance by the Marine Corps Band.