For those who can’t get enough Comic-Con: Lionsgate says this morning that it has teamed with Comic-Con International to create a year-round, Netflix-like subscription VOD streaming service. It will feature “a broad portfolio of content…designed to appeal to the diverse interests of Comic-Con’s fan base” including original short-form material, plus films and TV series from Lionsgate and undisclosed other studios.

No word yet on how much it will cost, or exactly when it will begin. This is Lionsgate’s third streaming service, following its Lionsgate Entertainment World (a partnership in China with Alibaba) and the planned Tribecca Shortlist.

The companies note that 17 of last year’s 20 best-selling films domestically, as well as TV series such as The Walking Dead and American Horror Story, “had a presence” at the San Diego festival for fantasy fans.

“The fan base for the kind of films and television series showcased at Comic-Con has grown exponentially, and a subscription video-on-demand service is the ideal platform to capture the magic excitement of the Comic-Con experience year-round as well as the perfect vehicle for Comic-Con fans to discover new content,” Lionsgate Worldwide Television & Digital Distribution President Jim Packer says.

Cinedigm also is eager to serve fantasy fans online: Last year it teamed with Wizard World, another firm that develops pop culture conventions, to create an online service called ConTV which went live on March 3. ​.