Here is the first asset from the new Broad Green Pictures, which just set its slate and now has this: a trailer for Isabel Coixet’s Learning To Drive, which premiered in September at the Toronto Film Festival and was runner-up to eventual Oscar Best Picture nominee The Imitation Game for the fest’s Audience Award.

Ben Kingsley and Patricia Clarkson star in the pic, a coming-of-age comedy of sorts about Wendy, a Manhattan author whose husband has just left her for a younger woman, and Darwan, a soft-spoken taxi driver from India on the verge of an arranged marriage. Wendy hires Darwan to teach her to drive, and the pair end up helping each other through their current road blocks.

Broad Green PicturesLearning To Drive has an August 21 release date and is actually the third pic from Broad Green to hit theaters. The Mia Hansen-directed ’90s Paris-set EDM pic Eden drops June 19 and Carlos Marques-Marcet 10,0000KM is out July 10. In a string of deals at recent fests that signaled the company’s arrival on the scene, in Toronto it also snagged Rahim Bahrani’s Michael Shannon-Andrew Garfield movie 99 Homes that comes out in awards-season primetime September 25; Terrence Malick’s next two pics at Berlin; and the Nick Notle-Robert Redford pic A Walk In The Woods, which has a September 2 release date.

Check out the trailer.