On the eve of the former First Lady/N.Y. Senator/Secretary Of State’s long-expected announcement that, yes, she’s running for POTUS, SNL cold-opened with Kate McKinnon’s HRC at home in suburban Chappaqua, practicing her announcement on social media.

SNL veteran Darrell Hammond put in a guest appearance as HDOTUS (i.e., Horn Dog Of the United States – “Did someone say ‘Women everywhere?'”) constantly trying to steal the (tiny BlackBerry) spotlight from his snarling wife (“Hillary would make a great President – and I’d make an even greater First Dude”).

Which was a good thing, because the writing was sharp but McKinnon has yet to make her Clinton impression someone we want to live with for the next umpteen years. True, the comedian has to fill a veritable warehouse full of famous shoes from the roster of SNL politico impersonators, from Tina Fey‘s Sarah Palin all the way back to Chevy Chase‘s bumbling Gerald R. Ford. But McKinnon is so talented that by now she ought to bring more to her Hillary than generic, if Lady Macbeth-style, unbridled ambition. Someone help her, please. The opener quickly became tiresome and redundant because it was personality-free.

Watch the video and let us know what you think. How would you fix the problem?